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                                  IMPORTANT RECYCLING INFORMATION:
Effective Sept. 1, 2010, Wisconsin's Electronics Recycling Law (2009 Act 50) prohibits disposal of certain electronic devices in Wisconsin landfills, burning in an incineration facility, or placing these devies in a container intended for disposal or incineration (S.287.07(5), Wis. Stats.) This new law prohibits electronic  (e-waste) into any Wisconsin landfill or Transfer Station commingled with municipal solid waste. The devices covered by the new landfill and inceneration ban are:
- televisions, both CRT's and all flat screens;
- computer monitors, both CRT's and all flat screens;
- desktop and laptop computers;
- desktop printers;
- fax machines;
-computer peripherals, including keyboards, mice and speakers;
- DVD players, VCRs and digital video recorders; and
- cell phones
Some options for the proper handing of e-waste after September 1, 2010:
1) Negotiate with the retail stores to take back the old e-waste item as part of your new purchase of new equipment.
2) 'Best Buy' the retail store will take e-waste at no charge with some restrictions as noted on their website
3) Contact Earthwise Recycling @, Charges may apply.
For more information about this law, see

RECYCLE/GARBAGE PICK UP - The recycle center is open every Saturday from 8 AM - 4 PM.  Remember to hand in your post cards with your address and vehicle info and in exchange you will receive your sticker.  If you have not received a post card, please contact the clerk, Mary Casper at 920-898-4116.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Our building inspector is Paul Birschbach, Birschbach Inspeciton Service LLC, 18 W. Main St., Suite L, Chilton, WI 53014. For building, remodeling, replacement & demolition permits and land use info and fees contact phone number is 920-849-9274, fax 920-849-9289 or e-mail

The Plan Commission and/or Board of Appeals meets the third Thursday of each month as requested.  Please contact the clerk at least three weeks in advance for a Plan Commission or Board of Appeals form.  The fee is $250.













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