Road Project Update: Road edge shouldering and lane striping have been completed on Kiel and Townhall Rds.   Final stage of the project will wrap up within the next few weeks with ditch shaping on St Paul Rd and the installation of two (2) replacement culverts on Townhall Rd in areas not paved in 2020.


Road Project Update

Paving on all 5.1 miles of Kiel and Townhall Rds along with all 20 road-edge patching locations has been completed on Tue 10/6/20.  Gravel shouldering will be completed by Fri 10/9/20.
Kiel Rd & Townhall Rd striping will be completed by Fri 10/16/20.
There are three (3) culvert and ditching items on St Paul and Townhall Rds that will be completed by the end of October.  Those items will complete our 2020 road project.