Road Project Update: Road surface pulverizing and final grading will be completed on Thu 9/17.  The picture taken from W1097 Kiel Rd shows the full road width after final grading.     The double culvert visible on the left was installed to channel westbound stormwater flows that previously backed up at the bottom of the hill causing stormwater to flow over Kiel Rd and flood crops on the south side of the roadway.   Paving of 5+ miles of Town of Calumet road surfaces will begin Friday, 9/18, weather permitting.   Paving is expected to last from 5 to 10 business days.


Road Project Update

Pulverizing and Final Grading taking place on Kiel and Townhall Rds.  Pulverizing grinds up the existing road surface to serve as a base for the new road surface.  In addition, a chemical additive known as Baseone is being added to the pulverized road base material to help stiffen the road base prior to asphalt being applied.  Pulverizing will continue through Monday 9/14.  Asphalt paving will begin, weather permitting, during the week of Mon 9/14.